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The Sheriff's Posse is activated by special order to support the activities of other Sheriff department units, city police departments and the University of Notre Dame police department during community events, athletic events and police operations to provide crowd control and patrol.

They also provide search and rescue operations covering large geographical areas.

Each year, the Sheriff's Posse honors numerous requests from the community to represent the Police Department during special activities to build a partnership between the police and the community.

We're looking for a few good people, who are knowledgable about horses and riding and who have the time to volunteer and go through background checks and training.

Click here for an Application to Join the Posse!
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Advantages of Mounted Patrol:

  • The unique and highly visible method of police patrol always receives wide and positive public attention and support. It has proven to be an effective form of police presence.
  • The officer riding high on horseback is able to see and be seen, thereby acting as a crime deterrent.Saddle
  • The horse is the perfect crowd control tool because it provides the officer with the ability to move into, through and around a crowd in a safe manner for both the officer and the public.
  • The mounted police officer acts as as ambassador for the police department, because people view the mounted officer as more approachable. The horse helps break down barriers between the police and the public, which helps improve the partnership between the police and the community.

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